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Aviation is part of our DNA. Aviation Services Corporation brings together  all the services of a traditional airline General Sales Agent (GSA), but it's more of an airline partner where our team becomes an extension of the airline working together to leverage multiple data points in real-time to identify network opportunities, capitalize on new and existing market segments, create operational efficiencies and reduce costs.


  • Regular field sales calls to all agent types including Corporate Agents, OTAs, Consortia, Retail Agents, Community Agents, Marine Agents, Student/Youth Agents, MICE/Group Agents and Consolidators

  • Tailored e-newsletters and communications to trade

  • Auditing, evaluating, negotiating, executing and managing interline and pro-rate agreements

  • Identifying, creating, executing and managing Corporate Direct and Preferred Agency Agreements (PAA)

  • Product training and brand / product development

  • Distribution of price sheets and product information


  • In-house reservations and ticketing services for agents and customers

  • 24/7 call center support, including email, chat

  • Multi-lingual support in Arabic, Cantonese, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai

  • Handling of all airline reservations including FIT and group booking enquiries

  • Dedicated phone lines answered in the name of the airline, ticketing via the airline's CRS

  • Tour operator programs, allotment handling and control

  • Monthly sales statistics; including revenue control & reporting of all CTO activities


  • End-to-end PR services and support, including crisis management

  • Presence at key consumer, trade and media events

  • Surveys and Market Intelligence

  • Print and digital advertising

  • Media liaison

  • Development and management of activations and experiential events

  • Development and management online and offline of promotional campaigns

  • Social Media management

  • Website content management

  • Co-branded promotions and events with local tourism boards and other stakeholders


  • Offline and Online cargo office as the airline

  • Helpdesk support for local freight forwarders

  • Installation of the airline’s own Cargo System

  • Coordination with warehouse and first carrier (for off-line)

  • Help implement Special Pro-rate Agreements (SPA) and interline network

  • Global Cargo Interline Platform (GP-275 partnership)

  • Full Cargo reporting (CSR) plus monthly reconciliation

  • Processing of invoices/local taxation as required

  • Handling of customer issues and claims

  • Track-and-Trace

  • Display and distribution of promotional literature

  • Rate analysis

  • Sales & Marketing


  • Interline e-ticketing (IET)*, providing access to 100,000+ travel agents worldwide interline options with 100+ airlines

  • Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) enrollment and administration services*, providing access to 14,000+ U.S. agents, the largest travel market in the world

  • BSP enrollment and administration services* in over 100 BSP markets worldwide

  • Transport Clearing House (TCH) enrollment and administration services*, providing access to 7,000+ travel agents across Russia and CIS countries

  • UATP and alternative forms of payment*


  • Tax and legal consulting, agreement screening

  • Correspondence, contracting and negotiation with suppliers

  • Expat employment administration and payroll accounting

  • Debt collecting and control

  • Claim Handling baggage, mis-connections and disruptive passenger claim handling

  • IT Services

  • Real estate management

  • ADM/ACM processing & refund handling agent debit memo and agent credit memo

  • Full service controlling accounts receivable and payable

  • Web development



  • Proprietary AI supported data analysis platform

  • Connectivity analysis for both feeder and beyond traffic

  • Network planning codeshare partnerships

  • Channel shift share recommendation engine

  • Online access to bespoke KPI, sales and marketing data dashboard

  • BSP and flown data

  • Data broken down by month, RBD, route and sector, fare basis, country POS, PAA and agent

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